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Two New Pages Added

The first page is called Poems & Quotes. It's poems by daycare providers, for daycare providers, for mothers, for fathers, for children and for teachers. You can read the poems just for enjoyment or you can use them for craft projects and homemade greeting cards.

The second new page is called Daycare Questions and Answers. Here I have posted some of the most popular questions submitted to me, along with my answer.

Featured Recipe: Zuchinni Bread

With fruits and vegetables getting to their peak harvesting time, we'll soon have an abundance of produce from our gardens, at the Farmer's Market or at your local grocery store. This recipe for zuchinni bread came from our Grandma Sue. It's delicious!

Craft Project: Cupcake Liner Flower

This craft project is so easy, even the littlest artist can make it. My daycare kids made these Cupcake Liner Flowers a couple of years ago. We then took a walk to a nearby nursing home and shared our flowers with the residents. They loved them!

Money Saving Idea: Make Your Own Booster Seat

Use your old phone books to make booster seats. These boosters not only save money, they save space compared to store-bought booster seats when they're not in use.

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