Many of you close your daycares the week between Christmas and New Years. Lucky dogs!

But some of us have to work that week. What to know what you're going to be asking yourself this week. "Why are the kids so crabby and what can I do about it?


Why Are The Kids So Crabby

The week in between Christmas and New Year's is one of the hardest weeks of daycare you will have as a provider. Why? Because the kids are way off their schedule, they're eating too much sugar and they're not getting their naps. So, what can you do?

You can give your kids a quiet week. Don't plan too many activities for the week. You may have a Christmas party planned and that's okay, but aside from that give your kids some time off. Don't plan craft projects this week. Serve early lunches so that you can have early nap times. And let them sleep a little longer than you normally would.

Give your kids a break at daycare which is one of the most comfortable places they can be. This will prevent crying and whining at your house and will also allow the kids to enjoy all their family Christmas celebrations without being so tired out!

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