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Recipe: Indoor S'mores

indoor smoresIt's summer time and that means it's camping season. Lots of families get to sit around a campfire, roast marshmallows and enjoy the wonderful taste of S'mores.

But I've always felt sorry for the kids who don't get to experience camping as a family. The kids who don't get to taste a S'more. That's why I make Indoor S'mores for my daycare. Everyone gets to experience the classic treat!

Infant, 6 months, Dies at Inhome Daycare

My heart goes out to the daycare provider in this story. This type of incident has always been a big fear of mine as a daycare operator. This woman has probably run an awesome business for years, but now she has a lot of problems and a lot of guilt to overcome.

I currently have a six month old infant in my care, so it brings all my fears back to the surface again.

Outdoor Activity: Blowing Bubbles

blowing bubblesBlowing bubbles is always a kid's favorite to do while playing outside. Save some money by making your own bubbles. This recipe for homemade bubbles is easy to make by products you probably already have in the house.

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Jenn wants to know if it's within daycare policy that you pay for daycare the week your child did not attend daycare?

See my answer here

Keesha asked me if I have any tips for potty training her twin boys.

See my tips here

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I found this website that is just filled with games for little kids. This site features indoor games, outdoor games, online games, party games and more. Take a look at Little Kids Games Online to see what you think.

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