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Welcome to the Thanksgiving edition of the Newsletter. And a special welcome to the new subscribers! I have lots of things to share with you this month. If you see something you'd like to pass along to a friend, please feel free to do so.

Thanksgiving for Kids

If you have some kids you'd like to throw a Thanksgiving Party for, I have lots of fun ideas for games and activities and delicious food recipes.

I just added "Pin the Wattle on the Turkey" to the Thanksgiving Party page.

pin the wattle on the turkey

Recipe: Pilgrim Hat Cookies pilgrim hat cookies

You can't get any easier than this, but these Pilgrim Hat Cookies are adorable on the Thanksgiving table.

I've Started a Facebook Group!

If you are a daycare provider, I'd like to invite you to a Facebook Group I just started. It's always fun to join a group of people who are interested in the same things. Our group talks about things going on in our daycares, share recipes, share project ideas and anything else that comes up. Come join us today!

Thanksgiving Books for Kids

The best gift you can ever give a child is the love of reading. Here are my recommendations for some fun Thanksgiving books you can read to your kids.

Recipe Contest: Kid Friendly Dinner Recipes

Do you like to enter contests? For this contest at, you enter your favorite kid friendly dinner recipe for a chance at the prize. And guess who the judge is? has asked ME to be the judge!

Are You a Webmaster?

Send me the name of your website and if it is compatible with the topics of my newsletter, I will feature it for you.

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