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Keep the kids busy this summer!
July 21, 2014
July, 2014 - Edition #137

marcia reagan How's summer treating you? Does your daycare get busier for the summer or slow down? Mine gets busier because I pull in school-agers full-time. I also had a new infant start last week, so it's a bit crazy. 14 kids on my summer roster!

As a provider who's used to taking school kids in, I can help you come up with some ideas to keep them busy, inside and out. I also have some recipes for you to use that won't heat up the kitchen to make.

I'm excited to announce some new forms that I've developed for the Free Daycare Forms page. And, I have another exciting announcement at the bottom of the newsletter!

Featured in this month's newsletter:

4 Boredom Busters for the School-Agers

For me, the thing that makes having school-agers in my daycare hard is their short attention spans. They are worse than the three and four year olds when it comes to sticking to something for any length of time. I'm currently working on an e-book for keeping school-agers from getting bored. Here's four of my favorites from the book.

printable crafts

  • Glurch
  • Printable Crafts
  • Indoor Hide and Seek
  • Straw Rockets

    And the good thing about these boredom busters, is that the younger kids can do them to!

    Find directions for each activity by clicking on the name above.

    Recipes That Won't Heat Up the Kitchen

    Another secret to a successful summer is being able to cook for the kids without heating up the kitchen and ultimately, the whole house. Here is a day off my summer menu that requires no oven!

    apple nachos

    Breakfast: Fruit and Yogurt Parfait, milk
    Snack: Peanut Butter Power Balls
    Lunch: Chicken and Noodles, mandarin oranges, baby carrots, milk
    Snack: Apple Nachos

    For recipes and instructions, click on the name of the food above.

    Free Daycare Forms: Attendance Records

    daycare attendance record

    Now available with Parent Signatures Required.

    The state of Minnesota, where I live, still does not require me to get the parents' signatures on my attendance records, but I know many states do.

    I can now provide you with forms that have a place for the parents to sign.

    Find the new forms here: Attendance Records

    Keep the Kids Busy Outside

    outdoor games for kids

    I've recently added some new ideas to the Outdoor Games page on My kids' favorite this summer is "What Time Is It, Mr. Crocodile?" Sometimes I play the game with them and sometimes I sit back and enjoy watching them play by themselves.

    See all the game ideas at Outdoor Games for Kids

    Coming Soon to!

    I'm a really, really excited to announce that a dream of mine is coming true!

    daycare forum I'm a really, really excited to announce that a dream of mine is coming true! I will soon be opening a daycare forum. This will be a place where we can meet up and discuss everything about daycare. It will be even better than the Daycare Provider Facebook Group because: - it will be more private. - it will be easier to find things that were posted earlier. - you will be able to read only the things that interest you.

    I will keep you up-to-date on the forum in both the Facebook Daycare Provider Group and on DaycareAnswers Business Page. Join the group or "Like" the page in order to get the updates.

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