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Printable Crafts

I first found some printable crafts on LearnCreateLove.com.  I use them when I have school age kids in daycare. 

I print their project of choice on a sheet of card stock paper.  I give them scissors, water color paints and a glue stick and they are set to go. 

It can keep them busy for quite awhile.

I was planning on just giving you a link to LearnCreateLove.com so you could download what you'd like to make, but I found it quite frustrating to navigate the site.

I spent a couple of hours downloading the printables my kids would like and saved them to my desktop.  I love what she made so much that I'm willing to share the work I did and make it available to you.  Here you go...easy to get to!

Frozen Printable Crafts

This is the movie subject that originally drew me to this website that I was so happy to find.  I was on Pinterest and I always look into anything that is in regards to Frozen.  If your daycare kids are like me, it's all about Frozen! 

My Little Ponies Printable Crafts

These make me smile.  My Little Ponies were popular when I was a little girl.  And girls still love them today.  There are not a lot of things that carry through time like that.

Transportation Printable Crafts

I use most of these printables when I'm entertaining kids on a rainy day, but the transportation printables are good for a preschool curriculum unit too!

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Construction Equipment Printable Crafts

The construction equipment printables are mostly loved by the boys because they just can't help it.  Boys love their big trucks, no matter what age they are!

Boy-Themed Printable Crafts

It's not that the other printables are not boy-themed, I just need another category to put some of these fun printables under.  I just love the fact that there are just as many for the boys to choose from as the girls.  Every is happy!

Girl-Themed Printable Crafts

And a few more for the girls!  The crown was especially popular with my little girls.  They decorated the crown and then I made a band to attach it to.  They felt like real princesses!

General-Themed Printable Crafts

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