Happy Spring! Hopefully it's here to stay now.

May brings us Mother's Day, so I've got a good idea for the kids to make as a Mother's Day gift for mom or grandma. And with the weather getting nice, we'll be spending more time outside. I've provided one recipe for a snack on-the-run and one recipe for backyard play.


Craft Project: Handprint Wall Hanging


Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday, May 8th. This Handprint Wall Hanging makes the perfect Mother's Day gift.

It also makes a great, personal gift for Grandma on Mother's Day!

Directions for Handprint Wall Hanging

Recipe: Healthy Trail Mix

Summertime means a lot more time on-the-go. My trail mix recipe makes a great snack around the table or you can throw some in a ziplock bag for at the park or at a ball game.

Recipe for Healthy Trail Mix

Activity: Outdoor Play -- Bubble Blowing

blowing bubbles A great way to entertain the kids outside is to provide them with lots of bubble blowing equipment. Use this recipe for the bubble solution. It's easy to make and blows great bubbles!

Recipe for Homemade Bubble Solution

Join the Daycare Provider Facebook Group

The Daycare Provider Facebook Group is growing! We have new providers joining all the time. It's nice to chat with like-minded professionals who are interested in the same things and experiencing the same things you are. Come and check us out. We talk about what's going on in our daycares, share recipes, share project ideas and anything else that comes up.

Daycare Provider Facebook Group

Q&A: "How Do You Get Kids To Eat?"

"Hungry Momma" wrote to me and asked how I get picky eaters to eat. She's tired of eating the same macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and chips for every meal.

Read the advice I give to persuade kids to eat healthier.

"Picky Eaters: How Do You Feed Them?"

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