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DaycareAnswers Newsletter, Issue 103
November 19, 2009
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The Top Ten Do's and Don'ts of Feeding a Picky Eater

What makes a kid become a picky eater can be one of several different factors. It could be that they are just going through a period of time when the taste of food doesn’t please them. It may be the smell of the food that bothers them. A lot of kids are affected by the different textures of foods. And then there are the kids who are influenced by the role model in their life who does not eat well-balanced meals. And lastly, it could simply be a power struggle because they don’t want anybody telling them what they have to eat and when to eat it.

Regardless of how they’ve become a picky eater, you still have to figure out how to feed them.

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Recipe: Turkey Tracks


Turkey Tracks is a super easy recipe to use as a snack for the kids. You can make it for them or let them make it themselves.

Visit the Thanksgiving Recipes Page for this recipe and more.

Craft Project: Thankful Tree

You can teach your children what it means to be thankful and the true meaning of Thanksgiving while you make this Thankful Tree Project.

Thanksgiving Party for Kids

Fix an easy Thanksgiving Feast for the kids. Plus provide some games and activities for a fun Thanksgiving Party.

A Money Saving Idea: Toy Catalogs

toy Sometimes those toy catalogs that come in the mail seem like such a bother to have to deal with. Turn them into entertainment for the kids instead of junk mail.

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