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Halloween is Coming!

In just a few short weeks, Halloween will be here.


I think for me personally, Halloween can be considered my favorite holiday. My kids have outgrown the halloween costume stage, but I used to love asking them what they wanted to be and then making that happen. I love answering the door when those adorable trick-or-treaters ring the doorbell. And every year, I plan a Halloween Party for my daycare kids. The anticipation of having a party and wearing their costumes to daycare is so much fun to see.

Start planning now for a Kids Halloween Party. Weather it's for your own kids or daycare kids, pre-planning is the key!

monster fingers

Recipe: Monster Toes

Monster toes are an awesome lunch idea for the kids on Halloween. But be careful! Some kids will be so grossed out, they will not eat their lunch.

Here is the recipe for Monster Toes.

Craft Project: Black Cat Candy Tin

I like to send the kids home from the Halloween Party with a treat. With this Black Cat Candy Tin, I have created a project for the kids to do the week before Halloween. Then, I fill it with candy and send it home as a party favor!

Recommended Music CD

kidz bop halloween I've used this Kidz Bop Halloween music CD in my daycare for several years now. I start playing it in early October and by the time I have my Halloween Party, the kids know the words to all the songs! I found it at a local department store.

Or, it's available at

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