Spring is here!?! It's kind of hard to tell exactly when our Spring started with this mild winter we've had. But I found a really cute spring project that I want to share with you.

With Summer on the way, you'll be able to use the Healthy Granola Snack recipe. Cook it up and put it in ziplock bags for when you're on the run with the kids. Everyone in the family will enjoy this snack!


Spring Project: A Robin


I absolutely love those early days of spring when I look out my kitchen window and see the robins digging for worms in the yard. We have a nest under our deck that they may come back to and fix up for a safe place to lay their eggs. This inspired me to come up with a spring project for the kids to make.

Instructions on how to make this Robin

A Robin

Homemade Granola

I've made many, many different granola recipes over the years trying to find one that is not only healthy, but the kids actually want to eat it. I found the magic recipe a couple of years ago. The kids love it! My son who is in college now even asks me to make it when he's home so he can take some with him, because all his friends back at school like it.

Recipe for Healthy Granola

Free Daycare Forms

free daycare forms

I've been updating some of the Free Daycare Forms. If you're planning some exciting field trips this summer, use the Field Trip Permission Slip.

You'll also find Attendance Records, Weekly and Monthly Receipts and many more.

Free Daycare Forms

Mother's Day is Coming!

cupcake liner projects

There's two types of projects sure to bring a tear to mom's eye. The handprint projects or using a photo of their child. I have those projects here for you. I'm also working on getting a third project up this coming week, so keep on eye out for that.

Mother's Day Projects for Preschoolers

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