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These free daycare forms are what I have developed and used for my own daycare. Please feel free to use the exact form or change it to better fit your own daycare.

Check back often because more forms will be added all the time.

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Daycare Contracts

Daycare Contracts are the backbone of the business. Contracts set up the rules and regulations of your daycare. It also seals the deal with signatures from your client.

> See Daycare Contracts here.

General Daycare Forms

General daycare forms make things easier for you, but are not officially required.

Includes documents like the Child Care Weather Watch and a Customer Satisfaction Survey.

 > See General Daycare Forms here

Interview Forms

The interview is a very important aspect of your business.

You need to be able to conduct a professional and memorable interview in order to get the client to sign on the line.

Interview Packet Provider Interview Form
Interview Letter to Parents Activities of the Daycare
About My Child

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Attendance Records

Attendance Records in daycare keep track of the time a child arrives and the time when they leave. 

Some providers require the parent to sign the attendance sheet and some don't.  Some providers like their records all on one page and some providers like records per child.

This section provides you with all types.

Click here for all your Attendance Record options!

Accounting Forms

Accounting forms cover the financial side of your daycare business.

From receipts, to payment due notices, to bounced check alerts, we've got you covered!

Notice of Payment Due Weekly Daycare Receipt
Monthly Daycare Receipt Bounced Check Notice
2023 Tax Receipt

Authorization Forms

You often need the permission of the parents in order to carry on with daycare activities. These authorization forms covers everything you should need.

Photo Permission Pickup Permission
Field Trip Permission Slip - Basic Field Trip Permission Slip - Advanced

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Behavior Management Forms

There are times when it's important to have communication with the parents regarding a child's behavior.  These forms assist with that communication.

Discipline Report Behavior Tracking
Termination Notice - Immediate Termination - With Notice
Termination - Letter format  

Medical Forms

The official side of daycare requires different medical forms for various reasons.  Look here for all your needs.

> See Daycare Medical Forms

Sample Daycare Menu

A six week rotating menu with kid friendly recipes and grocery shopping list. 

Sample Menu - Week 1 Sample Menu - Week 2 Sample Menu - Week 3
Sample Menu - Week 4 Sample Menu - Week 5 Sample Menu - Week 6

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