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Boo! Happy Halloween from DaycareAnswers!
October 22, 2015
October, 2015 - Edition #143

marcia reagan Welcome.

Halloween is such a fun time of year. There are so many opportunities for creativity. My favorite thing is seeing all the kids arrive in the morning wearing their costumes.

Jump right in here with help planning your Halloween party! On the menu is Jack-O-Lantern pizza for lunch followed by treats from our Black Cat Candy Tins for dessert. Keep the fun times rolling with a Halloween candy toss.

Featured in this month's newsletter:

Halloween Food Ideas

jack-o-lantern pizza The best way to keep the kids grinning at meal time is with a lunch that smiles back. This homemade Jack-o-lantern Pizza is just one of the spooky possibilities to serve the kids.

Get the Recipe Now

Daycare Tax Workbook

daycare tax workbook

Want to get a head start on your tax preparation. The Daycare Tax Workbook will get you organized in no time.

It includes an end-of-the year checklist, a tax worksheet, parent receipts and more.

Get Your Copy Here

Halloween Crafts

black cat candy tin You can be sure there's more than enough candy being handed out this time of year. The kids will have a blast creating a tin to hold their sweets in. Find the candy tin and more craft projects on the website.

Make it Today!

Halloween Games

bucket of candy It always seems the simplest games are the most fun. That's definitely the case with this Halloween game of CandY toss. The best part is that the kids get to eat the game pieces when we're done playing!

We have more games, activities and Halloween jokes on the website!

Find Them All Here

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