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Daycare Tax Workbook

Simplify Your Tax Prep!

The Daycare Tax Workbook e-book helps you gather all the information you need to easily prepare your taxes.  Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional tax preparer, this workbook makes it easy.

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  • End of Year Checklist
  • Tax Worksheet
  • End-of Year Receipts (W-10)
  • Weekly Receipts
  • Monthly Receipts
  • Easy links to IRS forms
  • Instant link to download

End-of-the-Year Checklist

Stay organized with a list of things to do.  Then check them off as you complete each item.

Tax Worksheet

Six pages of an easy fill-in-the-blank form to help you gather all the figures you need to have ready to fill out your tax forms.

Information includes all sources of income, time/space percentage, automobile expenses, business expenses, business use of your home, home and land improvements and personal property purchased. 

Once you fill in this form, totals are easily transferred to your tax forms or hand it over to your tax professional.

Tax Receipts (W-10's)

As a daycare provider, you are required to give each family that has attended your daycare in the past year, an end-of-the-year receipt to show the total dollar amount paid to you for daycare services. Simply fill in the blanks, give a copy to your client and keep a copy for your own files.

Weekly and Monthly Receipts

Many families request a receipt on a weekly or monthly basis.  Use this fill-in-the-blank receipt template for the new year.

Easy Links to IRS Forms

If you are preparing your own taxes, simply click on a link to find all the proper forms you will need.

Instant link to download

As soon as you purchase the workbook, you will receive a link in your e-mail that allows you to instantly download the book to your computer.  

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