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Win a Free Website Design!
November 10, 2014
November, 2014 - Edition #139

marcia reagan Featured in this month's newsletter:

Win a Free Website Design! announces a new contest. You could be the winner of a free website design valued at $500!

daycare forum

Go to our contest page to read the details, but basically all you have to do is get active in our forum.

Contest Page

DaycareAnswers Forum

Craft: TP Roll Turkey

thankgiving turkey craft

If you're like the average daycare provider, you have a whole cabinet full of upcycle products.

Here's a chance to use some of those toilet paper rolls you've been saving!

For instructions to make this cute TP Roll Turkey, click here.

From the Daycare Provider Facebook Group

daycare provider facebook group

This is a funny story that was shared in the Daycare Provider Facebook Group.

A provider posted, "I wish all first time parents were so 'normal'. I called a daycare mom and said 'L' ate dirt. She literally grabbed a handful of dirt from my potted plant and ate it - she was not able to reach that plant before, and will not again." Reply from mom: "Oh good, I guess she is ready for solids now."

Come and join in our conversations at the Daycare Provider Facebook Group

Recipe: Turkey Cupcakes

turkey cupcakes

Looking for a dessert for your Thanksgiving feast with the daycare kids?

These cute Turkey cupcakes are sure to produce some smiles!

Learn how to make Turkey Cupcakes

Do You Get Stressed Trying to Organize Your Taxes?

daycare tax workbook

The time is drawing near. The Daycare Tax Workbook helps you gather all the information you need to easily prepare your taxes. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional tax preparer, this workbook makes everything easier.

Daycare Tax Workbook

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