Daycare Provider Gift Ideas

daycare provider gifts
Are you looking for Daycare Provider Gift Ideas? Well, now it's easy! I've searched the web for you and came up with a great list of ideas that any daycare provider or daycare teacher would love to receive. As a provider myself, I can confirm that these are gifts that I would love to receive.

Have fun taking a look through the list and then pick the gift that fits your provider or teacher the best. If you haven't found what fits your needs, then have a look at Gift for Daycare Provider and Daycare Teacher Gifts for more great ideas!

Daycare Provider Gift Ideas:
Personalized Gifts

These are some of the most popular items from my very favorite online store, I just love this store because it's high quality products at a reasonable price and I can find something for anyone on my shopping list.

Photo Sentiments© Personalized Vase - Flowers and daycare providers go together. Give her a special vase to use for those bouquets of flowers she gets for her families.

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Personalized Cookie Jar - Every Daycare Provider has to have cookies in the house. Customize this cookie jar for the gift for daycare provider by labeling it with her name and putting kids caricatures across it.
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"You Design It" Kitchen Apron - Aprons are back "in" and will make an excellent gift for daycare provider! Help your provider protect her clothes while cooking food for the kids by getting her this custom designed apron.
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Photo Collage© Personalized Coffee Mug - Pick five of your favorite photos in color or black and white to line up and make this creative coffee mug.
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Flowering Tea & Teapot Gift Set - If you have a daycare provider who enjoys tea, she will love making it in this unique glass teapot that blooms while it brews.

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Daycare Provider Gift Ideas:

Gift Cards

Personalized Gift Card

At, you can personalize a gift card to your daycare provider by placing a picture of your child(ren) right on the card. Your provider will love shopping at her favorite store and will have a smile on her face as she hands the gift card to the cashier.

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Cold, Hard Cash - Of course, cash is appreciated by anyone. You can give whatever amount you wish and the provider can choose how to use it. You could just come up with an amount you'd like to give, or give her an extra week's pay or give her a voluntary raise in each weeks fee.

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Daycare Provider Gift Ideas:

Restaurant Gift Card - Always a great gift for daycare provider. Give a card to a restaurant that is a little fancier than they are used to.

Coffee Shop Gift Card - After assuring that your provider is a coffee drinker, buy her a coffee shop gift card. If you are one of the early arrivals at daycare, you could offer to stop and pick up her coffee for a couple of mornings.

magic kitchen Having a meal delivered from a local restaurant or a meal delivery service makes a nice gift for daycare provider. Your provider will appreciate not having to cook for her family for an evening or two.

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Gourmet Muffins or Bagels - Find a local shop that can create a nice gift basket with assorted muffins or bagels.

Freezer Meals - Many towns have shops where you go in and prepare meals to put in freezer bags for future use. Prepare a couple for that gift for daycare provider and then deliver it to her to put in her freezer. She can pick the evening when she will not have to fix dinner for the family. If you do not live in a town with this type of shop, consider fixing a freezer meal yourself.

Sweets - Although many daycare providers will tell you they don't want chocolate because they don't need chocolate, there are just as many providers who would love to receive a box of chocolates as a gift. Do a little questioning beforehand to find out her favorite candy.

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Daycare Provider Gift Ideas:
Daycare Tshirts and Sweatshirts

daycare provider t-shirt

Every time I go to a conference to get my required annual training, the most popular booth in the vendor area is the booth that sells daycare t-shirts and sweatshirts.

T-shirts and sweatshirts make an easy gift for daycare provider and they love having themed clothing to wear for work. Whether you get her a shirt from the store or custom design one, she's guaranteed to love it!

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Daycare Provider Gift Ideas:
Unique Gifts from

Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag

This just seems so appropriate for a Daycare Provider. Fill this unique dish with the provider's favorite candy and I bet you'll see a smile on her face!

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Window Sill Herb Planter

I've planted many herbs in my garden, but I don't take the time to go cut them when I need them in a recipe. I was so excited to find this herb planter that can sit right in my kitchen window!

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Daycare Provider Gift Ideas:
Provide Services

Substitute Daycare Provider - A substitute provider has to meet requirements set by the licensing agency such as a complete background study and CPR training, but if you happen to meet these requirements, give your provider some time to herself. Maybe she could meet someone for lunch or go get her nails or hair done.

Evening Babysitting - If your daycare provider has small children of her own, give her an evening of free babysitting while she enjoys a relaxing dinner, a movie or whatever else she may like.

Housecleaning - Purchase professional cleaning service for a couple of times of free service. If that's out of your price range, offer to do the housecleaning service yourself for as many hours as you'd like your gift to value. Hey, it may not be the most glamorous thing to do, but it wouldn't cost you a thing!

Daycare Provider Gift Ideas:
Day Spa Certificate - Your provider spends a lot of time taking care of children and taking care of her family. Give her a day where somebody takes care of her. She can choose from a massage, a facial, a manicure or a pedicure.

Hair Salon Certificate - It can be for a service she's used to or it would allow her to splurge on something she's never had done before.

Ladies Embroidered Towel Wrap - Your daycare provider deserves to be pampered. She can step out of the bath or shower and into pure luxury with cozy towel wrap!

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Nail Salon Certificate - Daycare providers are typically not very good at doing special things for themselves. A nice set of acrylics or a french manicure is probably something they don't do for themselves very often.

Foot Massager - A daycare provider's day is spent mostly on her feet. Nothing would feel better after a long day of chasing after children than to sit down on the couch and turn on a foot and calf massager.

Daycare Provider Gift Ideas:

Concert/Play Tickets - Tickets to the local theater or to an upcoming concert coming to your town would give your provider a nice evening out.

Movie Tickets - This gift can be used anytime and fits any personality. No matter what your provider's taste or preferences, there will be a movie at the theater for her to enjoy.

Book Store Gift Card - Another very versatile gift. No matter your provider's taste, she'll be able to find a book to enjoy.

I-Pod/I-Tunes Gift Card - If she doesn't have an I-Pod, introduce her to one. If she does have an I-Pod, supply her with more music.

Net-Flix Membership - A monthly subscription service to have movies delivered right to her house.

Daycare Provider Gift Ideas:
Interests and Hobbies

Add to a Collection - Find out if your provider has an special item she collects such as angels, dolphins, or unicorns. Then add to the collection. You could find an item in any price range you're aiming for.

Professional Sports Clothing - Buy her a t-shirt, sweatshirt or any other item from her favorite sports team.

Hobby Supplies - Scrapbooking and stamping are two very popular hobbies. For any hobby she may have, buy supplies she would not be willing to buy herself.

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Daycare Provider Gift Ideas:
Supplies for the Daycare

I wouldn't suggest this gift idea for just any daycare provider, but if you're dealing with a provider who's just getting started in the business and has a lot of expenses trying to get her business running, she may very well appreciate these gifts.

Art Supplies - Basic art supplies such as construction paper, scissors, glue, tempera paint or any other commonly used item.

Toys - A new daycare can always use more toys and you could fit this into any price range you'd like to spend.

Advertising Sign - Have a banner made for your provider to hang in her yard when she has openings in her daycare.

Delivered Meal - Have a meal delivered to daycare so that the provider doesn't have to cook lunch one day.

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Daycare Provider Gift Ideas:
Retirement Gift/Leaving Daycare

A Watch With a note that says "Thanks for the time that you've spent with us" or "Thanks for the time that you've given us." The provider will think of her memories with your family every time she checks the time!
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Daycare Provider Gift Ideas:

A Hundred Years From Now© Mouse Pad

This poem is every daycare provider's favorite. It'd be perfect sitting next to her computer why she takes care of the monthly paperwork.

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Picture Perfect© Photo Canvas Tote

Place a photo of the daycare children on this canvas tote for your provider to take with her when running her evening or weekend errands.

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Christmas Kisses© Candy Jar with Hershey's Kisses®

Lots of kisses for your favorite daycare provider!

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Digital Photo Frame - A gift that can be used for her family photos or for daycare photos.

Willow Tree Figurines - Available at specialty stores, they feature angel figurines, along with parents, daycare providers, teachers and others with children.

Everyday Jewelry - Instead of something real sparkly, give her a piece of jewelry that would fit into her everyday wardrobe she wears for daycare.

Mall Gift Card - A gift card to a local mall allows your daycare provider to shop at any store she chooses.

Department Store Gift Card - Investigate into what her favorite department store is and buy her a gift card there. is a website that allows you to buy your daycare provider a Super Certificate in any dollar amount. She can then decide which store she'd like to receive a gift card from. There is a large variety of stores to choose from and the certificate never expires. (And it's an instant gift when you need a last minute idea!)

tulips Bouquet of Flowers - Flowers work for any occasion and make a great last minute gift idea.

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Daycare Provider Gift Ideas:
Fun and Creative

Warm Tootsies - Buy a pair of big, fuzzy socks. Fill them with tootsie rolls and attach a note that says, "Something to Keep Your Tootsie's Warm". It's a very inexpensive gift for daycare provider.

If you have a great idea for Daycare Provider Gift Ideas, we'd love it if you would share. You can share your idea here!

It doesn't matter how much you choose to spend on a gift for daycare provider or what you decide to buy, just be sure to include a note or letter to let your daycare provider know how much you appreciate what she does for you and your child every single day.

Warning: When deciding on the purchase of a gift for daycare provider, DON'T buy anything that refers to the provider as a babysitter. That's a guaranteed insult.

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