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I won't lie to you.  Being a Daycare Provider is not an easy job.  The good news is, I'm here to help.  DaycareAnswers.com is a compilation of information gathered from both experience and research to save all  providers time, so that your time can be spent enjoying the children.

Although I can't make it easy, I can make it easier!

I can make it easier for you because I've already been there, done that! My lifelong dream came true 20 years ago when I gave birth to my first child.

Two years later, I was fortunate enough to have a second child. I knew I wanted to be a mother from the youngest memories I have. Today I am the mother of two teenagers and I couldn't be prouder of the young adults they have become!

I also knew at an early age that I wanted my career to be a childcare provider. It took me some time to get there, but I have now been a  provider for 18 years and I love it. I am a licensed daycare provider and take care of twelve children every day. It is so exciting to me that I get to care for and teach these children at a time that is so influential in their life.

It's this experience as a successful parent and a successful daycare provider that I want to share with you. I know I've done it right because of the compliments I receive about my own kids and the praise I receive from the families in my daycare. I will not only share with you the techniques needed to raise a well-rounded child, I will also share with you activities and food ideas to keep your every day life a little simpler.

Thanks for joining me on this journey of raising children. I would welcome any comments or feedback from what you read and learn on my website. A comments box is provided at the bottom of every page for your convenience.

I believe that many techniques and activities that work for a daycare will also work for the average parent.  Why wouldn't it?  They're doing the same job!

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Marcia Reagan is the creator of DaycareAnswers and lives in Central Minnesota with her husband and two children.  She's been an in-home daycare provider for twenty years and loves to share her experience and passion for daycare with other providers.  
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