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A collection of my favorite daycare poems and quotes. I've also collected some poems for mothers, fathers, kids and teachers.

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Poems for Daycare Providers

It takes a special person to take care of children for a living. This is a special collection of poems that include some sentimental, some clever and some humorous!

By the Provider About the Provider
Forever in My Heart Ode to the Child Care Provider
A Hundred Years From Now A Childcare Provider
Smiling Definition of a Child Care Provider
Partnership The Hand Holder
Child Care Provider Sanity Poem The Daycare Provider Who Lived in a Shoe
  What Do Daycare Providers Make?

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Poems for Kids

Special poems for special people.

Toddler's Creed For a Child Leaving Daycare
Pillowcase Poem Kids Who Are Different
I Won't Always  

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For poems written especially for that baby in your life, take a look at Cute Baby Poems. This website features poems that can be used for baby gifts, baby showers, christenings and more.

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Poems for Mothers

Rocking My Baby When You Thought I Wasn't Looking
A Touch of Love From Tricycles to Bicycles
If You Give a Mom a Muffin What Did I Do Today?
My Little One When I'm a Little Old Lady
Little Eyes  

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Poems for Fathers

Father's just get the short end of the stick when it comes to poetry. It's hard to find many poems for fathers, but as I find them, I will share them.

Walk a Little Slower Daddy


Poems for Teachers

The Teacher Whose Child is This?
The Creation of the Teacher  

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Quotes and Stories from Daycare

To Quote the Sign That Hangs in My Front Entry

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Double Your Kids Back!

Two year old Alex was getting ready to potty train. He brought all the supplies he would need to daycare and was so proud to show all the other kids his new "thunderwear".

I perform the monthly fire drills and storm drills in my daycare as required by state regulations. These drills ensure that the children will be prepared in case of an emergency.

Because I am the only adult in a house with twelve children, I add one more drill. I ask the children what they would do if they walked into the kitchen and I was lying on the floor. It would look like I was sleeping but when they shook me I didn't wake up.

The children I care for are very young and I depend on the four year olds to be the most responsible. The last time I asked this question to the children, one four year old girl answered with "I'd put you to bed."

Thanks for the help!

I have a 2 year old little girl attending my daycare who's mother is pregnant. The little girl thinks she has a baby in her tummy too. Randomly during the day, the 2 year old puts her hands on her belly and tells me her baby is hurting.

The Funny Things Kids Say...

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