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Daycare Teacher Gifts

When a daycare provider works in a center, they are often referred to as a daycare teacher or a preschool teacher. So, if you're looking for Daycare Teacher Gifts or Preschool Teacher Gifts specifically, I've gathered some here.

Any of the gifts listed under Daycare Provider Gift Ideas would also be suitable.

In total disclosure, I am affiliated with the stores that I reccommend on this page.  That means that you will not pay any more for a product that you buy, but I receive a small referral commission.  This is how DaycareAnswers stays online.  Thank you for considering ordering through my links. 

Daycare Teacher Gift Ideas:
                                 Online Gifts

Teachers get a lot of bath and body products as gifts.  If you make them unique, they will appreciate the thought you put into it. 

I order gift baskets from GiftTree.com.  I like their "spa" themed baskets and other unique gifts.  

I've chosen this store to be an affiliate on my website because I love the wide choice of products, they have great customer service and I know I'll be proud to give whatever gift I choose for my recipient. 

Here's an example of some things you can order from GiftTree.com.

Invigoration Gift Basket

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Supplies for the Classroom

Teacher Supply Store - Many teachers spend their own money providing supplies for the classroom. If you know of something they'd like, visit a teacher supply store and get it for them. If you're not sure, ask them for a list of wants they might have.


Cold, Hard Cash - Of course, cash is appreciated by anyone. You can give whatever amount you wish and the teacher can choose how to use it. 

Personalized Gift Cards

At GiftCards.com, you can personalize a gift card to your daycare teacher by placing a picture of your child(ren) right on the card.

Your teacher will love shopping at her favorite store and will have a smile on her face as she hands the gift card to the cashier.

Restaurant Gift Card
It's always a treat for me to go out to eat at a restaurant.  Find out your daycare teacher's favorite place to eat and buy her a gift card.

Major restaurant chains have gift cards available on Amazon.

Coffee Shop Gift Card
My first favorite thing would be a daycare parent bringing me my favorite coffee drink.  My second favorite thing would be to receive a gift card to my favorite coffee shop.

Major coffee shop chains have gift cards available at Amazon.

Movie Ticket
This gift can be used anytime and fits any personality. No matter what your provider's taste or preferences, there will be a movie at the theater for her to enjoy. 

The major chains of movie theaters sell gift cards on Amazon.

Book Store Gift Card
 Another very versatile gift. No matter your provider's taste, she'll be able to find a book to enjoy.

I-Pod/I-Tunes Gift Card
If she doesn't have an I-Pod, introduce her to one. If she does have an I-Pod, supply her with more music.

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Pamper the Caregiver

Burt's Bees Tips and Toes Kit

Introduce her to the luxury of Burt's Bees products.  These are trial sized bottles of hand and foot products to pamper the hard working caregiver.

Greenery*/ Knitted Wool Touch Screen Gloves,Texting Gloves (Grey)
I have these gloves.  I love that I can use my i-phone and not have to get my hands cold.  I don't know who invented these, but they are genius!

Philosophy "I Think You Are Wonderful"

Two bottles of sweet scented products.  One is for the shower to use as a body gel, shampoo or in a bubble bath.  The other is a body lotion. 

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