Parenting is a full-time job, in addition to the forty hour per week job that supplies you with a paycheck.

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Find the Right Daycare

Choosing a daycare for your children is one of the most important decisions you'll ever have to make. Find a list of daycare interview questions to ask the potential daycare providers. Discover hidden items to look for during an interview that indicates if the daycare provider runs a safe, professional daycare.

Once you have found that perfect childcare setting, you need to prepare your child for the first day at the new daycare. And, you need to take measures to be sure your are following the rules and regulations of your daycare so that you can keep it!

Daycare Provider Gift Ideas

A gift for your daycare provider should be high priority and given a lot of thought. Your provider gives a lot of herself to take care of the children in her care.

I have done research to find some fun and unique items for the daycare provider gift ideas.

Day-to-Day Behavior

Developmental Milestones

Every parent asks, "At What Age Should My Child..."

Children's Activities

3 Parenting Styles

When you become a mother or a father, you choose a style in which to raise your child. Sometimes this is done consciously because you’ve read some books, researched online or received advice from a well-respected relative or friend. Other times this is a sub-conscious decision that is made by just doing what feels right. This decision may be influenced by how you were raised. Your style might copy-cat the style used to raise you or it might rebel against that style.

Discover which of these 3 Parenting Styles fit you and decide if it's working for you.

Permissive Parenting Style
With this style, the adult tries to be a friend to their child rather than a parent. It works pretty well for the adult, but the child is left without someone to guide them and teach them the important lessons in life. (Read More)

Authoritative Parenting Style

The style most recommended by experts because it gets the best results in today’s lifestyle. The mother and father set clear rules and explain the limits so the child knows exactly what is expected of them. (Read More)

Authoritarian Parenting Style
This parent has strict rules with high expectations and low tolerance for non-compliance. The child knows exactly what is expected, but there is no room for error.
(Read More)

Regardless of which style you use, the most important aspect of that style is consistency. Children need a manual that tells them what you expect from them. Since they can't read yet, they need you to tell them what the manual says. They need to know the rules of the game and exactly what will happen when they commit a foul. They need to know that when they don't follow those rules, discipline can be expected.

10 Parenting Tips

Learn 10 Parenting Tips that guides you on a path to raise a child who is well-behaved, independent and able to think for themselves wherever life leads them.

The first key is the Gold Key. The Gold Key advice is mandatory to reach the desired outcome. The second key, the Silver Key, is advice that is not mandatory, but highly helpful and recommended for raising a well-rounded child . The final key, the Bronze Key, are totally optional items to raise a good child, but if used, will produce a child who feels good about who they are and who they can become.

You also have access to my free e-book, Good Parenting Skills: 3 Keys to Successful Parenting. This free e-book gives a more detailed description of the 3 keys needs for a well-behaved, independent and well-adjusted child.

Plan a Holiday Party for Kids

Everyone Loves a Party!

Including the kids. Plan a festive party for any holiday.

New Year's Party Valentine's Day Party
St. Patrick's Day Party July 4th Party
Halloween Party Thanksgiving Party
Christmas Party

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