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Kitchen Cleaning Tips

A daycare provider spends a lot of time working in the kitchen.  When my daughter was little, she was asked where her mother worked.  Her answer was, "In the kitchen."    A busy kitchen means lots of cleaning required.  These tips will make clean-up faster and easier.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips:
How to Clean Stove Burner Pans

A super easy, super effective way to clean your stove burner pans is to place them inside a Ziplock bag with 1/4 cup ammonia.  Seal the bag and let sit for twelve hours. 

Remove from the bag and wash the burner pan.  The grease and grime build up will literally fall off and your burner pan will look just like new!

I was worried when I first tried this tip that the ammonia would peel the paint off the burner pan.  I'm happy to report that it did not do that.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips:
Easily Clean Your Microwave

In a microwave-safe container, mix together 1 cup vinegar with 1 cup water.  Place in the microwave on high for five minutes. 

Carefully remove and dispose the liquid.  And now your microwave will easily wipe clean! 

Note:  I have cleaned my microwave with a bad memory and forgot I was supposed to mix vinegar with the water.  It can also work to steam clean your microwave with just water if it's not too dirty or too dried on.

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› Kitchen Cleaning Tips

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