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When It's Too Hot to Cook

Break-up with your oven now.
Thank me later.

When temperatures get too high, it's best not to turn on your oven and heat up your kitchen even more.   My e-book, What To Cook When It's Too Hot To Cook takes care of this problem for you.

What You Get:

  • 3 weeks of menus
  • Grocery lists
  • USDA qualified
  • Recipes with photos
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Instant access to a downloadable book

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Are you a new provider struggling to beat the heat during your first summer?

Struggle no more!

Are you a veteran provider who's sick of sweating in your scorching kitchen year after year?

Put an end to it!

Every one of these sample daycare menus is delicious and nutritious for the kids, not to mention simple and effortless for you. All without turning on the oven!

It's Summer Menu Planning, Reinvented!

Breakfast Menus

Lunch Menus

Snack Ideas

  • Developed by me, a daycare provider for over 20 years!
  • Kid-tested by the pickiest eaters
  • Takes out all the guesswork
  • Money back guarantee!

I've been a provider for 20 years now, have had more than 100 children pass through my doors.

I had a good system set up for my regular rotating menus, but when those hot summer months came, I struggled at following along because I didn't want to heat up my kitchen with the oven.

So, I searched and tested countless recipes to find the diamonds in the rough that make cooking a breeze every meal, all summer long.  My many hours spent developing a three week menu is to your benefit.

You get pre-planned menus:

  • Start your daycare week prepared
  • Eliminates last minute decision making
  • Solves the problem of not having the right ingredients

Great Value for the Price!!!

For just $4.97, you get...

  • An instantly downloadable e-book
  • 3 weeks of rotating menus
  • Delicious recipes
  • Grocery Shopping lists
  • Photos of every recipe

What took me hours to develop and set up is instantly yours.   Purchase the book and then check your e-mail for a link that allows you to print them out immediately.  Then, as soon as the temperature rises and you don't want the oven on, you're ready to go with printable menus.

Make your menu planning easier all summer long!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Marcia Reagan is the creator of DaycareAnswers and lives in Central Minnesota with her husband and two children.  She's been an in-home daycare provider for over twenty years and loves to share her experience and passion for daycare with other providers.  

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