Do You Want To Be A Daycare Provider?

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There are a lot of different motivating factors when deciding if you want to be a daycare provider. Regardless of why you are considering it, the first thing you need to do is determine if an in-home daycare is a feasible option and if it’s the right fit for you and your family. Yes, I said "and your family". This decision is not one you want to make if you don’t have complete support from your family.


  1. Is there a need for childcare in your area?
  2. How many children are you planning on caring for at a time?
  3. Are you willing to work the extended hours required?
  4. What age range of children are you comfortable with?
  5. Is your house large enough to accommodate that number of children?
  6. How much money do you want to make?
  7. Will you still have healthcare benefits if you quit your job?
  8. Does the number of children you want to care for coincide appropriately with the amount of money you want to make?
  9. Can you afford making changes to your house if it becomes necessary in the licensing process?
  10. Do you have the knowledge and training required to operate a daycare, or can you obtain that knowledge?

When deciding if you want to be a daycare provider, remember to ask yourself if a daycare setting is right for your family. I can’t stress enough how important family support is.

It's very hard not to irritate your family all the time because of the commotion in your home every day. Plus, you will need their help and support to operate a busy, stressful business. Daycare is not an 8-5, Monday through Friday job. Its long hours. And even if you don’t care for children on the weekend, you need to spend time on the weekend catching up from the previous weeks chores and preparing for the next week coming up.


  1. If married, is your husband willing to be your sounding board?
  2. Will your children be able to share your attention?
  3. Is your whole family willing to take on extra chores to maintain the business in your home?
  4. Are your children willing to share their toys, their bedroom and their personal space?
  5. If your own children are older, will they have the patience to tolerate younger children in the house making noise and making a mess?
  6. Is everyone willing to tolerate damage to your furniture, walls, carpet and personal belongings?
  7. Is someone available for transportation of family members to the doctor, dentist or other appointments?
  8. Would you have a plan available if your child becomes ill or gets injured at school and needs parental attention?
  9. Are you willing to miss a school play or music concert when you can’t find a back-up provider to watch your daycare children?
  10. Does your family budget allow you a varying income level as children come and go from your daycare?

So, you've asked yourself, "Do I want to be a Daycare Provider?" Once you've thoroughly answered all the questions listed here, you will be making the decision of starting a daycare business as an informed, confident daycare provider.

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Marcia Reagan is the creator of DaycareAnswers and lives in Central Minnesota with her husband and two children.  She's been an in-home daycare provider for over twenty years and loves to share her experience and passion for daycare with other providers.  

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