Developmental Milestones

"A Child's Developmental Milestones"


All parents want to know if their child is developing at the rate they should be and how they compare to other children. All children develop differently and at different paces. The ages listed here are only averages. Your child may development earlier than the ages listed or later than the ages listed. Developmental Milestones is based on the average of all children.

At What Age Should My Child...

…Sit Up?

The average child can sit up while supported around four months. She will start sitting up unsupported around 6 – 8 months.


The average child will begin crawling around 8-9 months. They usually start with the “army crawl” where they scoot on their bellies. After a couple of weeks of that, they will get up on all fours for the traditional “baby crawl.”


Children tend to start pulling themselves up on furniture around the age of 10 months. Walking on their own happens at around 12 months.


Most children will start babbling as early as 4 months. Words that only the most significant people in their life will understand will start forming at around 12-15 months. Audible words will start being used around 15 – 18 months. By the age of 2, they may be stringing a few words together. At 2-1/2 years old, they could be speaking in short sentences.

…Hold their own bottle?

Babies will start helping you hold the bottle at 8 – 9 months. They will be able to hold their own bottle at around 10 months.

…Give up the bottle?

Any time after one year of age. The sooner you break the habit, the easier it is for your child. At age one, switch them to a sippy cup with a soft tip. When they learn to drink from this cup, change it out for a sippy cup with a hard over and air-release value. At about the age of three, they should be ready for a normal cup that they can hang on to with two hands.

…Quit using a pacifier?

Some time between the age of one and two. Again, the sooner you break the habit, the easier it is for your child.

…Stop sucking their thumb?

This habit is a little harder to break than the pacifier habit. You can throw away pacifiers, but you can’t throw away a thumb. You want your child to quit sucking their thumb at around the age of two.

…Cut down to one nap?

You have to read your baby’s mood, but sometime between 12 and 18 months is the normal time to cut down to one nap.

…Take no nap?

Children should take a nap up until the age of four. Younger children need longer naps. Older children need shorter naps.

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More Developmental Milestones

…Say the ABC’s and know colors and shapes?

A child should be able to recite the alphabet anywhere between the age of 2 and 4. This is also the time when they should be able to distinguish colors and shapes.

…Eat solid foods?

Right around the age of one, you should be able to cut normal table food into small bite-sized pieces and expect the child to be able to pick it up and feed themselves.

…Switch from a crib to a regular bed?

If there are no other factors involved, a child should be moved to a bed around the age of two. But sometimes there are circumstances, such as a new baby coming that forces the change earlier. That is totally acceptable.

…Change from an infant car seat to a child’s car seat?

Laws vary from state to state, but a general consensus would be to change seats at one year of age or 20 pounds. Visit this website for a chart of car seat laws from state to state.

…Not use a car seat anymore?

Again, this law varies from state to state. Some states regulate car seat usage by weight and some by age. For a chart of car seat laws from state to state, visit this website.

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…Potty Trained?

Children vary widely regarding when they are ready to potty train. Any time between the ages of two and three is normal. There are children who can potty train earlier than the age of two.

…Taken to the dentist for the first time?

Proper oral hygiene should be taught as soon as their first tooth comes in. A trip to the dentist should be taken around the age of two.

…Allowed to use the computer?

In the technology world that we live in, it’s important to teach children computer skills at a very young age. Children as young as two years old can learn to use a mouse and play educational computer software on a computer.

If you are you raising or caring for a child with special needs, please visit Natalie's website, The Special Needs Child. It will provide you with information, resources and support needed while learning about and dealing with a child with special needs.

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