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Since I've been a daycare provider for so many years, I just had to make a page for funny kid quotes.

I'll just let you imagine the things I've heard come out of a child's mouth. No matter how long I've done this, kids can still make me laugh out loud. I wish I would have been taking notes a lot sooner to capture some of the precious quotes I have heard.

Like we've all heard before..."Kids say the darndest things!"

After seeing a pack of mint flavored gum lying on the kitchen counter, he explained to the other daycare kids, "That's the kind of gum you chew when you're on your way to daycare and realize you forgot to brush your teeth."

~ Jed, Age 4

Adam was just outgrowing naptime, so he was lying on the floor with the older kids for "quiet time" when he said, "I can't close one eye or the other eye closes too and then I fall asleep."

~ Adam, Age 4

A little girl in daycare that I call "my little backwards girl" because she mixes so many things up got real excited one day to tell me she saw a whistling bird outside. I didn't get why my daughter was laughing, but she explained that the little girl really meant a hummingbird!

~ Georgia, Age 6

Sadly, I had pink eye spreading from child to child in my daycare. One morning 3 year old Gracie said to one of the daycare boys, "Look at my purple nails" to which he replied "Look at my pink eyes".

~ Tyler, Age 3

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