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Grab and Go Outdoor Bag

A Grab and Go Outdoor Bag is packed up with everything you might need while you're outside with the kids.  It prevents you from having to run back in the house to get supplies while playing in the yard.  And when you're away from home, you'll be ready for whatever situation arises with the kids. 

Another option to the bag is an Outdoor Box.  An Outdoor Box would be something like a Rubbermaid box that just stays outside ready for use each day.  The problem with an Outdoor Box is that it's stationery in your backyard and not available for use when you go to a park or on a field trip.

What to put in your Grab and Go Outdoor Bag

Whether you choose a bag or a box, here is a list of suggested items to pack into it:

Sunscreen and Bug Spray

The items in this bag or box are not meant to be the items you use all the time, so they don't have to be full sized.  The sunscreen and the bug spray should be applied in the house before going outside so the bottles you use in your bag can be small travel-sized just for emergencies. 

Facial tissue

The facial tissue will be used often so you'll want more than the pocket-sized package. 

Diapers, diaper wipes, latex gloves, changing pad and Ziplock bags

Diapers, of course, are for those kids that need it.  If you have the room, put three or four diapers per child in so that you don't have to restock every day.  The wipes should be a reasonable size container so as to not take up all your space.  Latex gloves will prevent you from needing a sink with soap and water that may not be available.  The changing pad should be small and portable, but will be convenient to lie the children on in grass or on cement.   And then the diaper disposals bags, obviously, are for the dirty diaper.  Hopefully, you have a trash can to throw the diaper away immediately.  But, if not, the diaper disposal bags can keep the odor to a minimum until you get home to throw it away.

Hand sanitizer

The hand sanitizer can be used for you after a diaper change or for the children if they get into something dirty while playing or to wash them up after eating.

First aid kit and emergency phone numbers

The first aid kit is self-explanatory.  I, personally, keep the phone numbers for all the parents in my daycare right in the top cover of my first aid kit, but if you don't have them there be sure to have them in your bag in case you need to contact a parent.

Notepad and pen

A note pad and pen may just come in handy sometime.  Maybe you'll be at the park and a parent will ask you about your daycare.  You have pen and paper to get their contact information or you can give your information.  Matter of fact, if you have business cards for your daycare, be sure to throw a couple of those in your bag!

Bottle of water, cups and a snack

The last this is water, cups and a snack.  Not absolutely necessary, but may prevent really crabby things if your trip lasts a little longer than expected. 

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