Hidden Daycare Items To Watch For

While you’re asking the appropriate questions, be watching for the hidden daycare items to questions you’re not even asking.

There is so much information you can learn from the questions that are not asked. Ask your prepared questions, but watch for the answers you are not asking:

  • Is the house clean?
  • Are there child safety items in place?  i.e. baby gates, outlet covers, unsafe items out of reach, etc.
  • Is it a friendly atmosphere?
  • Do the daycare children seem like they enjoy being there?
  • Are they well behaved?
  • Are the provider’s own children well-behaved and polite?
  • Is the provider acting in a professional manner?
  • Are the toys up-to-date?
  • Is the yard well manicured?

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All these items can tell you whether the provider takes her business seriously and will be able to give you the quality daycare experience that you are looking for. 

When choosing your quality daycare, trust your instincts and trust the message your child gives you once they’ve started attending. 

If you don’t feel some kind of connection with the provider you’ve chosen, you haven’t picked the quality daycare you were looking for. 

If your child complains about having to go to daycare every single day, it’s not the right place for them. If your child can’t speak yet, but cries every single day you drop them off, something’s not right. 

A two to four week time period is normal for a child to adjust to a new daycare. After that, they should enjoy going to the place they spend all day, every day.

Once your child adjusts to the new daycare and you’re comfortable with the safety factor, let them fully enjoy it. 

If they build that special relationship with the provider that you were hoping for in a quality daycare, it may mean you will witness extreme excitement when they get to daycare in the morning. Your toddler may push away from you in an attempt to get to the provider. 

Your preschooler may complain when it’s time to leave in the evening.  You’ll see lots of hugs and kisses between the two. 

Although it’s hard not to get jealous over this type of relationship, know that it only means you found a wonderful place for them to be every day.

As you look for these hidden daycare items, remember your goal. You're picking a quality daycare for your child.

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