Poems for Fathers

It's hard to find poems for fathers. They seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to the emotional side of poetry writing. As I find new poems, I will share them with you.

Walk A Little Slower Daddy

"Walk a little slower Daddy,"
said a child so small,
"I'm following in your footsteps
and I don't want to fall.

Sometimes your steps are very fast,
Sometimes they're hard to see;
So walk a little slower, Daddy,
For you are leading me.

Someday when I'm all grown up,
You're what I want to be;
Then I will have a little child
Who'll want to follow me.

And I would want to lead just right,
And know that I was true,
So walk a little slower, Daddy,
For I must follow you."

~ Author Unknown ~

I Only Have One Daddy

I only have one daddy

You only have one me.

You teach me how to ride my bike

And how to climb a tree.

And when I wake up early

You grumble but still smile.

And when I'm tired or poorly

You cuddle me awhile.

Sometimes you might get cross with me

Or I get cross with you,

But you always try to make me smile

When I'm feeling sad or blue.

Yes I only have one daddy

And you only have one me.

And that my darling daddy

Is just how it's meant to be.

xoxo - I Love You Daddy!

Help out fathers everywhere! It's really hard to find poems written especially for fathers on the internet. If you like to write poems, share it with the rest of us.

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