Winter Projects for Preschoolers

These Winter Projects for Preschoolers were developed with the idea that even the youngest little hands could participate in making the project.

Winter time means more time for projects.  The weather will definitely keep you indoors more often, so be prepared with some fun things for the kids to make!

Scrap Paper Snowman

This is an extremely simple project. I did no prep work ahead of time. I simply sat the kids down at the table and we did the project together!

snowman project Supplies Needed:

Cut a 6" x 9" piece of blue construction paper. Using the compass, draw a snowman on the paper with the bottom circle having a 3" diameter, the middle circle having a 2" diameter and the top circle having a 1-1/2" diameter.

Tear small pieces of paper out of the copy paper. Spread glue heavily onto one section of the snowman. Cover the circle with paper scraps. Continue the same with the other two circles.

Use the black construction paper to make a hat. Also use the black construction paper to punch holes for the 2 eyes and 3 buttons. Use the orange construction paper to make a carrot nose. Use the brown construction paper to make stick arms.

Punch snowflakes out of copy paper and glue on.

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