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Saint Patricks Day Party Ideas

Bring a little luck of the Irish with these Saint Patricks Day Party Ideas for Kids. Games to play. Crafts to make. And food to eat. Enjoy it all!

Origin of Saint Patricks Day

Free Saint Patricks Day Games

Saint Patricks Day Projects for Preschoolers

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Free Saint Patricks Day Coloring Pages

Origin of Saint Patrick's Day

Although Saint Patrick's Day is a Catholic religion holiday, very few facts are actually known about the patron saint of Ireland. Most of the history and traditions of Saint Patrick's day that we observe and celebrate were made up by storytellers over the years.

The stories say that Saint Patrick grew up in the Roman British Isles and was kidnapped by a band of pirates when he was sixteen years old. They transported him to Ireland and sold him into slavery.

After six years as a slave, Saint Patrick escaped and retreated back to Britain where he decided to become a priest. As he was doing his studies, he had a dream that the Irish people were calling him back to Ireland to convert them to Christianity, so that's what he did.

It is believed that Saint Patrick died on March 17th. His death was commemorated with a festival that was held each March 17th, which has today become our celebration of the St. Patrick's Day holiday.

We use the color green to represent St. Patrick's Day because of the lush green landscape of Ireland known as the Emerald Isle.

Shamrocks (or clover leafs) are a symbol of St. Patrick's Day because it is believed that St. Patrick used shamrocks in his teachings of Christianity. A four leafed clover is believed to be lucky because only one in every 10,000 clovers have four leaves.

Leprechaun's became a symbol of St. Patrick's Day because they too are considered lucky. Leprechauns are spirits from Irish folklore. They are mischievous shoemakers who hide in the woods making shoes all day. They hide their gold coins in black pots at the end of the rainbow. If you catch a leprechaun, he is required to tell you where he has hidden his pot of gold.

Free Saint Patricks Day Games

  • Toss the Gold
  • St. Pat's Tic Tac Toe
  • St. Pat's Memory Game

Saint Patricks Day Projects for Preschoolers

A party for preschoolers can't be all about running around, playing games and making lots of noise. Take some time to sit the kids down at a table and work on a project to slow the pace down a bit.

Choose one of these Saint Patricks Day Projects for Preschoolers to make during the party. Be sure to take time to do the prep work before the party so that it's quick and easy.

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Make the day fun by using themed food for your meals and snacks. There are a lot of good ideas listed here, but you can also come up with your own ideas by using a little green food coloring!


  • Lucky Charms
  • Shamrock Pancakes
  • Rainbow Pancakes
  • Rainbow Toast

Side Dishes:

  • Green Applesauce
  • Green Apples
  • Green Fish Crackers
  • Green Mashed Potatoes
  • Green Grapes
  • Kiwi
  • Lime Jell-o


  • Green Milk
  • Green Apple Juice
  • Green Kool-aid


  • Leprechaun Pie
  • Frozen Rainbow
  • Rainbow Sherbet
  • Rainbow Cupcakes
  • Green Krispie Bars
  • Anything with green whipped cream

Free Saint Patricks Day Coloring Pages

At each holiday, I like to have some fun coloring pages printed out.  I either use them on a day when I don't have too much planned.  Or I use them while I'm trying to get a project or activity ready and I need the kids to stay busy with something else. 

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